How to choose the right therapist?

Here at West Coast Hypnosis we are committed to raising the standards of quality and professional practice within our industry.

Did you know that as with many complementary professions, we are not currently compulsorily regulated?

What this means for you as a member of the public, is that there is a wide range of ability, training and methodology available and it can sometimes feel difficult to know which therapist is best qualified to help with your issue. There are many seemingly competent practitioners who have in fact only qualified through online learning or a weekend in a country house!
We, as do the Department of Health, strongly recommend that before embarking on any course of therapy, that you check the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) register against the person you may be working with. In order to join CNHC, the practitioner needs to also have membership of at least one other professional organisation, which infers an industry accepted qualification, regular supervision, and code of conduct.
Without professional regulation, you have no guarantee that your practitioner had more knowledge than any other person in the street. We abhor low standards of professionalism, service and practice in this industry and will always work to drive up those standards across Scotland and the UK as a whole.
Thankfully, we are approaching compulsory regulation and when this happens, you will be able to choose any practitioner with confidence.
Until then, we encourage you to do plenty of research and check the CNHC register at

Please let us know if we can advise you further on this. In the meantime, we look forward to working with you in our clinics.


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