Stop Smoking

Using Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

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Thinking About Hypnotherapy to Help You Stop Smoking?

• Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy
• Your Hair, Skin, and Breath Will No Longer Smell of Tobacco Smoke
• After 5 Days, Most of The Nicotine Has Already Left the Body 
• After Just 1 Week, Your Sense of Taste and Smell Have Both Improved
• After 1 Month, The Appearance of Your Skin Will Already Have Improved in The First Year, Your Risk of Heart Disease Will Have Halved 
• You'll See a Reduction in Phlegm and Smoker's Cough
• Your Lung Efficiency Will Start to Recover to a Rate Similar to A Non-Smoker
• You Will Be Better Able to Cope with Physical Exertion in The Longer Term, Your Risk of Stroke Will Decline Again to That of a Non Smoker
• You Will Save Money by Not Having to Buy Cigarettes - What Can You Now Afford!

But Why Choose Hypnosis to Help You Stop Smoking?

The good news is that research shows that when done correctly the success rate is slightly over 66%. Two-thirds might not sound like a good success rate, but given that the success rate of trying to quit on your willpower alone is just 5%, that of using behaviour therapy is just 25%, and that of using nicotine replacement products is just 25%, you can see that hypnosis is a very strong candidate indeed. In fact, no other method currently supported by research even comes close.

How Does Smoking Cessation Work Through Hypnotherapy?

At West Coast Hypnosis, we offer a one-off 90 minute session of hypnotherapy where we will take a detailed history of your smoking habits and then using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, you will be guided into a pleasant and comfortable hypnotic state. You will leave as a non-smoker - it will be up to you to remain a non-smoker. For those few that are still struggling to kick the habit following this one-off session, a free follow-up is offered.

What is the Cost?

Our one-off 90 minute hypnotherapy session, plus CD to reinforce work done in your session, to listen to in the days and weeks that follow - £180
Consider this against how much you are spending on cigarettes a month, and it works out to be less than the average monthly cigarette bill, assuming a habit of 20 a day.

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